About Our Programs
PACWEST employee rewards programs are designed to motivate and retain our most valuable assets, our employees.

People who feel appreciated are more positive about themselves and their ability to contribute. Our employee rewards programs increase focus, a key to reinforcing desired behaviors and developing new habits. In addition, recognition and rewards in the workplace build a connection between meeting personal and professional goals. Recognizing our employees helps them become more engaged, which correlates not only with better performance, but also with increased retention and improved customer service. PACWEST recognition and rewards programs encourage our employees to stay with our company longer and provide better service to our clients.

Service H.E.R.O. Award

This unique PACWEST Partnership program offers clients the opportunity to recognize PACWEST employees at their property who demonstrate a commitment to H.E.R.O. customer service…always Helpful, Enthusiastic, Responsive and Observant. All PSS clients are invited and encouraged to participate in recognition of premier employee customer service at their property by nominating a SERVICE H.E.R.O.™. Upon nomination of a PSS employee as a SERVICE H.E.R.O.™, PACWEST provides a Certificate of Recognition, a gift certificate, and a H.E.R.O. lapel pin that distinguishes them from their colleagues.

Quality Award

To recognize excellence in service, one employee is selected each month from each branch office and chosen as the Quality Service Award winner.

Officer of the Month

This is a stand-alone program within each client location. All clients are invited to participate in this employee recognition opportunity. PSS will design the program along your guidelines and with your goals in mind.

Officer of the Year

One of the winners of the monthly award is then recognized at the end of the year as Officer of the Year. This can also be a stand-alone program within each client location.

Employee Service Safety Award

Under this program employees are rewarded with a cash bonus for meeting our service and safety goals. This further represents tangible evidence to each security officer of the value of working hard, providing that “extra touch” of service, and continually being aware of safety in and around the facilities in which we work.

Length of Service Award

Upon each anniversary date, each PSS employee is issued a Length of Service Pin, which displays the years of employment.

Site Supervisor Program

Under this program, Site Supervisors are rewarded for the completion of monthly tasks that enhance the level of service that you receive. These monthly requirements are part of an expanded service plan that is designed, implemented and completed in conjunction with PACWEST Branch Management Team and your PACWEST Security Services Site Supervisor.

Certificates of Appreciation

All clients are invited to participate in recognition of outstanding employee service. Upon suggestion of an award to an employee, PSS will provide a certificate.

Service H.E.R.O. Award
A PACWEST Partnership Program

Service H.E.R.O. Attributes
Helpful, Enthusiastic, Responsive, Observant
H (Helpful) = Have a customer service attitude. Answer everyone with a smile in your voice. Provide assistance and directions (“May I help you?). Solve problems–when there is a service concern find a way to get the answers or solve the problem. Never be “too busy” to provide service.

E (Enthusiastic) = Smile at everyone you meet. Be energetic and show friendly professionalism. Make eye contact. Welcome every person to the property. Convey a positive image–don’t let your personal problems interfere with your service image.

R (Responsive) = Show interest and concern to all. Listen–let the customer know they are important. Understand the customer’s needs. Know your duties and execute them. Follow up! Treat others as you would like to be treated.

O (Observant) = Notice opportunities to care for the customer. Be the eyes and ears of building management. Know what you are expected to monitor and inspect. Safety first!  Eliminate or report possible risks. Report your observations and always document your service tasks.

Nominate A Service H.E.R.O.
Clients Only
If you are a PACWEST client and wish to recognize one of our security associates as a Service H.E.R.O., please contact your PSS Account Manager.