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PACWEST Security Services is a privately owned regional California security services provider. Our service focus is in providing uniformed Unarmed Security, Private Vehicle Patrol, and Training Services. Specific areas of expertise are in Asset Protection, Executive Protection, Premises Control, Investigations, and Fire/Life Safety services. The market segment that PSS is targeting as our customer base consists of corporate facilities, commercial and high-rise office buildings, high-tech, bio-tech, retail, gated communities, museums, manufacturing, distribution and industrial facilities.

Although our philosophy of service may not be entirely unique, what distinguishes PACWEST Security Services from our competition is the effort we extend to our clients and employees to ‘Stay in Touch’. We define customer service in terms of attention to detail and responsiveness. We embrace a corporate service philosophy that is firmly rooted in the satisfaction of two customers…our Employees and our Clients. At PACWEST Security Services we place great significance on developing lifetime relationships with our customers, because in today's competitive marketplace we are aware that our customers are aggressively prospected and their loyalty can never be taken for granted.

100% Customer Satisfaction Rating

PACWEST maintains one of the highest client retention rates within our industry. We know excellence in service is sustained moment-by-moment and day-to-day, it is supported by innovation, committed management, and unparalleled customer service. Results from our most recent annual Quality Service Surveys (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) shows PSS clients scoring the service that they receive (on a scale of 1 to 100%) at a 100% overall satisfaction rate. We are constantly improving our processes. Our Service Surveys are just one way that we ask customers to “help us do better”.

Core Values That Give Back

At PACWEST Security Services we believe in giving back. So, we created an internal give-back program, “Project Care”, Community Awareness and Responsive Endeavors. When our employees volunteer for a good cause, it increases team morale, strengthens team building, and improves employee recruitment and retention. Our employees benefit by developing skills that often translate to the workplace, not to mention the satisfaction of making their community a better place.

To support both our employees and the communities that we serve, we look first to provide financial assistance to groups and organizations in which our employees are actively involved, and then organizations and projects that have visible impact within our communities. Whether we’re delivering meals, painting homes, walking, or running in fundraisers … the activities we support are as diverse as our people.

Innovative Technology Leader

PACWEST is a leader in green state-of-the-art technology. PACTrax™ powered by TrackTik is real time paperless reporting software utilizes state-of-the-art guard patrol and field reporting technology. With PACTrax™ our on-site security personnel will enter data, including video and audio files through a handheld smart phone or tablet and synchronize the data in real time. By partnering with world leaders in technology solutions, PACWEST has been able to move everything from email messaging, personnel scheduling, chatting, tasks, emergency contacts, field reporting, and chart graphing, document management and archiving to a private cloud environment that is completely paperless, requires zero software, and allows our clients to easily view, share and archive collected data in PDF, Excel or HTML formats.

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Corporate Office

3303 Harbor Blvd., #A-103
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
CA PPO Lic# 12551
Office 714.429.1300
Fax 714.429.1142
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Los Angeles Office

1545 Wilshire Blvd., #302
Los Angeles, CA 90017
CA PPB Lic# 5424
Office 213.413.3500
Fax 213.413.1019
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San Diego Office

7867 Convoy Court, #312
San Diego, CA 92111
CA PPB Lic# 6376
Office 858.279.5900
Fax 858.279.0800
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Inland Empire Office

2990 Inland Empire Blvd., #104
Ontario, CA 91764
CA PPB Lic# 5919
Office 909.948.1888
Fax 909.948.0902
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Bay Area Office

24301 Southland Dr., #621
Hayward, CA 94545
CA PPB Lic# 6103
Office 510.782.7100
Fax 510.782.7106
Office Location Map